The Plight of Foreign Workers in Arab Societies

We report on several cases in which immigrants brought into Arab nations to handle domestic and physical labor have been abused.

Four Kuwaitis kidnapped and raped a Filipino maid. The maid had gone to her Consulate to secure documents for her return home. When she got back to her sponsor’s home, four men were waiting. They physically attacked her, bound her up, took her to another apartment, and again raped her.

A Kuwaiti man filed a complaint to police against a Bedouin who kidnapped and forced his maid into prostitution.

A Filipino maid stabbed a 22-year-old daughter of her sponsor to death and then threw herself out the window in a suicide attempt. She survived with numerous bone fractures.

The media reports extensively about Muslim migration to Europe and the United States, and discrimination these people encounter in new lands, but little is ever presented about the large-scale influx of Asians into Arab nations and their plight. Few of these immigrants get any access to education, they lack many benefits normally provided native-born people, and they certainly are denied the right to practice their religion or customs in nations like Saudi Arabia. Are Muslim groups organizing to protect the rights of foreign workers? Will Muslim nations offer freedom of religion to Christians from nations like the Philippines? I’m just asking.
Information from Arab Times