Thing To Do In New York Before You Die

Before you die it is necessary to spend some time in New York City. Following are some things to see and do.

Enter New York City harbor in a ship so you can see dawn break and out of the mist is the Lady with her hand stretched on high.

Walk from 86th street to 34th street and see the entire world.

Eat a warm bagel at 5:00 a.m.

Have an egg cream on summer’s day.

Listen to guitars in Washington Square Park

Stand on a Harlem corner before a barber shop and listen to the guys play the dozens.

Walk along 42nd street and see tourists gaping at tall buildings and the wonder that is New York.

Go through the Bronx Zoo and observe intelligent life forms.

Grab a broom stick and join some kids playing stickball.

Visit a New York City school and fall asleep as the teacher preps kids for the exam.

Visit Little Italy and smell warm bread.

Visit a Chinese restaurant where Chinese men eat lunch and pay a few bucks for a great meal.

Donate a nickel for Bloomberg’s campaign since he isn’t worth a dime of your time.

Go to Coney Island and gaze out across the ocean from whence came your ancestors.

Sit on a bench in Central Park and sigh as gorgeous girls walk by.

Visit a museum if that grabs your attention.

On a hot summer day watch kids playing cards in the shade of a stoop.

Visit any park and watch chess games to your heart’s content.

Stop by downtown and chat with a prostitute and give her a few bucks and a warm hug.

Go into a diner at midnight and listen to conversations.

Ride the subway from the Bronx to Brighton Beach and just listen, listen to people talking.

Spend a spring afternoon in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium and chat with old guys who remember the old days.

Sit on the grass at Battery Park and watch ships enter the harbor.

Whisper my name on 42nd street which I miss so very, very much.