This Looks Like The End

There are tragedies and there are tragedies, but events in South Korea which resulted in the deaths of over 300 high school children does not fit any category of common sense. The students were on a ferry and headed home, most came from the same school. The captain went to his cabin and did the first mate. The third mate had limited experience maneuvering a boat, particularly in water that was rough. Somehow, the boat began to tilt. The captain jumped off the boat as did many of the crew. Remaining crew members constantly shouted to students to remain BELOW THE DECK IN THEIR CABINS AS THE BOAT WAS TILTING! Of course, most of the crew members got the heck off the boat and saved their lives.

One student phoned his parents with the question: “Am I really going to die?” Given the incompetence, the coward behavior of the captain and crew, the answer was, “yes.” Another informed mom and dad, “this looks like the end.” I suspect when an investigation is completed, it will come out that the owners did not have a competent crew or captain on the boat and skimped on safety regulations.