Time For A Change At The Veterans Administration

Among the great tragedies that occurred during the Bush administration was ignoring the needs of those who served their country. Initially, even as Bush plunged the nation into war, he cut VA staff and money allocated to a variety of issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There was a nonchalant attitude in the VA regarding emerging issues facing those who were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and ongoing sloppy administrative work toward ensuring veterans were paid. The level of income necessary for services fell to a low amount of yearly income which meant many veterans no longer were eligible for VA services.

Newly appointed Veterans Administration head, former General Eric Shinseki, promised to completely overhaul the entire organization and make it veteran friendly. He told Congress the wait time for disability payment results would be sharply reduced from the current six month delay. It is fortunate the VA now has as its head a man who served the nation rather than a politician who does the bidding of the president.