Time To Stay And Time To Depart

Anyone who has appeared on the stage of life understands the primary rule of being successful is knowing when it is time to leave and allow the next performer to present his act. The audience will applaud, but the person on the stage must grasp the moment when applause begins to weaken because the audience is growing tired of your presence on the stage, they want you to depart so they can depart and go home. Former Pakistan leader, Pervez Musharraf has never learned this lesson and continues jumping on to the stage in a feeble attempt to present his act which has grown boring and inept. Musharraf was forced to leave the country about four years ago and found a new life in London or Dubai where he could give interviews and explain how his benevolent rule of Pakistan brought wealth and prosperity–not to the people of Pakistan–but to the small group of his buddies and rich people. For some strange reason he returned the past year and wanted once again to become president.

Mr. Musharraf, you are never going to become President of Pakistan, nor of any land. You are a has-been who belongs in some nice warm climate nation which allows you to rant and rave about the “good old days” in Pakistan which never were and never will be. Now, if we can only persuade Tea Party leaders in America to get off the stage of power, perhaps, just perhaps, we can get America going again as the center of innovation and economic growth FOR ALL AMERICANS!