Time Traveler Or Ghost Of Obama?

A mysterious figure has been identified in an old film from the 1920s which raises questions as to whether this might be some time traveler. George Clarke was watching a Charlie Chaplin film, “The Circus” when he noticed an unusual person in the film who appeared to be holding a cell phone, an invention that did not appear until fifty years later. “Right now, the only conclusion I can come to, which sounds absolutely ridiculous I’m sure to some people, but it’s a time traveler.” The figure is dressed in unusual clothes and only comes on screen for a few moments. I have been informed by authoritative sources that Glenn Beck will draw some lines that will reveal the real identify of this strange man. It is none other than the grandfather of Barack Obama who was making an initial foray into America in preparation for his son’s departure years later as part of a conspiracy made by Muslim fundamentalists to gain control of Christian America.

I realize some will scoff at my analysis, but anyone who doubts that Barack Obama is an alien from Kenya is simply one of those Jewish capitalist Communists who seeks to bring Socialism to America. If Arabs could have invented the alphabet, why couldn’t they have invented time traveling?

I challenge anyone to prove my analysis is incorrect to submit evidence.