Torture, Bush Style

Former President George Bush is happily chopping wood in Texas while Dick Cheney is mumbling threats about what to do with Barack Obama so it was interesting to finally receive first hand information about alleged torture of prisoners. Dick an Don And George have denied that prisoners were subject to any torture on their watch. Judge Jay Bybee, told a House Judiciary Committee hearing the Central Intelligence Agency did not approve certain forms of interrogation such as repeated beatings or having inmates shackled to a ceiling. However, he strongly defended water boarding and slamming prisoners into a wall. He strongly defended that these forms of interrogation were perfectly legal. “We took a muscular view of presidential authority. We were offering a bottom line to a client who wanted to know what he could do and what he couldn’t do. I wasn’t running a debating society, and I wasn’t running a law school.” Bybee ran the Office of Legal Counsel from 2001 too 2003 and signed off on John Yoo’s arguments that pushing people around or shoving their faces under water were perfectly in accord with the Bill of Rights.

America historically has opposed violation of POW rights as described in the Geneva Convention. During WWII, American interrogators were not sanctioned by superiors to water board or shove prisoners into walls. And, somehow, the US and its Allies were able to win WWII. In order to cleanse the soul of America, we need a Truth And Reconciliation Commission to get to the truth and allow individuals to admit their mistakes.