Torture Has No Home

The one certainty in life is that some place in this world at this very moment, someone or some group is engaged in violence toward other humans. Amnesty International is investigating a video from the island of Fiji which depicts two men being beaten. One man is handcuffed in the back of a canoe and is being hit with rods while the other man is on the ground being tugged by a dog. It is clear the assailants are members of the Fiji military who apparently decided they needed two defenseless men to beat into an unconscious state. As Amnesty International notes, “forced to undress and harassed by a dog, as men  nearby laugh, it is difficult to watch.”

Yes, it is. But, having drone planes blast away to kill a bad guy and in the process murder the innocent, is just another example of democracy at work. It is always the “other guys” who commit acts of violence, never ourselves.