Trials And Tribulations Of Dennis Rodman

It is Monday, it is the birthday of Martin Luther King, a man who devoted his life fighting for human rights, and for him, the expression, “human rights” meant more than just African American rights. His vision encompassed all people on this planet. Fast Forward sixty years to the modern African American. Famous basketball star, Michael Jordan ignores the plight of children who manufacture his sneakers insisting he does not have any responsibility for those who work in sweat shop plants. It is Monday, and naturally we must present a Dennis Rodman story. Dennis checked himself into an alcohol rehab center claiming that he was drunk on his recent trip to North Korea where he ignored the plight of an American, Kenneth Bae who is in a North Korean prison for no reason other than dictator Kim Jong-un seeks to prove something to the world about his power. Dennis organized a basketball game to celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong-un and wished him a happy, happy birthday with a song.

Dennis Rodman simply represents how American society has moved from the days when thousands of African American athletes(Jackie Robinson marched with King) were concerned about human rights to modern America where their only concern is the size of pay checks. The modern African American athlete is concerned about their social lives, not the economic lives of humans.