Triumph Of NRA Member

I am born in 1930 at a time when most normal people assumed the government could have laws dealing with who could possess weapons of destructon. There was a National Rifle Association but its members mainly focused on having a good time during hunting season. As a high school teacher in northern California many of my male students went off with dad in September for a wek of hunting. I now live in 2013 at a time when a boy named Adam Lanza was allowed by his mother to possess numerous guns, 2,000 rounds of ammunition and for Xmas in 2012 sweet mom was buying him still another gun.

Adam wound up murdering innocent children at Sandy Hook School. Prior to leaving on his mission of death, Adam killed mom. The sad or ironic aspect of this strange tale of stupidity is Adam never allowed mom a chance to purchase the gun for Xmas!

Oh, he also had knives and a seven foot spear. What was this woman thinking??