Trudeau Apologizes For Language Remarks

Justin Trudeau, son of the former Canadian prime minister, created a furor by his recent remarks that New Brunswick should put an end to separate French and English school systems and create one for all students. Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion pointed out the Canadian Charter of rights guarantees minority-language educational institutions and that bilingualism is dear to Liberals.

Trudeau had stated that separate school systems are divisive and economically inefficient while responding to a question during a speech he was giving. Trudeau issued an apology.
Information from The Star

I have no problems with bilingualism, having been raised in a family where my parents spoke Yiddish and English. I can never understand the commotion raised by people who fear bilingualism. It used to confuse me in school when teachers would tell us not to speak foreign languages spoken at home and then make us sign up to take a foreign language which was required to graduate from high school. Try explaining that one to a Martian anthropologist.