The United States of America can be proud to have such fighters for freedom and truth as Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Ann Coulter or Glenn Beck. However, much as these fearless fighters for honesty have brought to the attention of the American people the horrifying truth that the current man sitting in the Oval Office was never qualified to hold that position, this reporter must finally tell the real truth. First of all, there is no such person as “Barack Obama.” It is now clear that over forty years ago, a group of terrorists under the leadership of a young Osama bin Laden decided to hatch a diabolical plot under which al-Qaeda would gain control of America without firing a shot. Osama bin Laden’s father had a child by a western woman who was in his harem and the baby and the woman were sent to Hawaii. She was paid over one million dollars to pretend she had a child by someone from Kenya. Yes, she did place an ad in a Hawaii newspaper about the birth of a son, but there is no evidence any doctor or nurse was able to verify the birth of such son. If her child was born in Hawaii, why can’t we ever find a picture of the birth? American mothers and fathers always take pictures of newborn babies, but for some strange reason no such photos exist of the “Barack Obama” birth. How about defenders of Barack Obama producing a picture, all we ask, is a single photo! If anything I have just written is incorrect, I challenge liberals to produce a single piece of evidence to the contrary.

The boy was named after the sacred rock which is in Mecca and this “Barack Obama” is none other than one of Osama bin Laden’s brothers. Anyone familiar with al-Qaeda knows their secret password is “Amabo” which for some strange reason is the name Obama spelled backwards. Is this a coincidence? I have it on the highest authority that during the summer of 2008, Barack Obama was not seen by anyone for a period of 24 hours. During that time he met with his brother in a brothel in Tel Aviv to discuss policies he would put in place once in power. A third man was at that meeting, and this intrepid reporter can now reveal the name of the Third Man. It was none other than Don Rumsfeld! Employ some logic. The invasion of Iraq in search of WMD was among the most inept, bungled, confused operations in military history. Even the Pentagon could not be that incompetent. Don Rumsfeld planned the entire fiasco from day one to ensure there would be chaos in Iraq and that would serve as a means of rallying Muslims around the world to the banner of Osama bin Laden.

Have you ever wondered why Barack Obama refuses to allow investigations into the Iraq war or to torture? The reason is simple– he knows any investigation would reveal there was an alliance between Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George Bush and Osama bin Laden. They succeeded brilliantly in creating complete chaos in Iraq, an economic meltdown and loss of public support for the Iraq debacle. How else could Osama bin Laden’s brother win the election?

Of course as a final touch to their plan, they sent a hyperactive Big Momma from one of the harems to the state of Alaska where she was given financial support to be elected governor of the state. Let’s be realistic, if John McCain has an intelligent vice presidential candidate the election might well have gone the other way. But, with the boob head doll by his side, McCain guaranteed the election of Osama bin Laden’s brother.

It is now necessary for Rush, Ann, and the other voices of reason to demand a complete investigation into the origin of the war in Iraq. Let’s get at the truth.

  • Greg Goss
  • Gata Onna

    The copy of the birth certificate in Hawaii is not the actual birth certificate but a certified document that it exist. They have been known to have misspelling causing problems in the portugese community. Show the original and be done with. Mr. Obama may have another problem if the allegation of Hawaii being illegally overthrown and under an illegal American Occupation. Born in Hawaii or another country.

  • Fred Stopsky

    please explain why the issue of showing a birth certificate has never previously arisen in American history. I doubt if we have a copy of Andrew Jackson’s birth certificate. Does this mean, a tyrant ruled?
    Who can respond to the idiocy of your comments about Hawaii. Does this mean, the senators and congressmen from Hawaii should be expelled?

  • Greg Goss

    Fred, The issue has risen in the past when there is suspicion. You see the constitution was written by honorable men for honorable men. When Chester Author ran for vice president there were questions about his natural born status. He eventually burned his records to keep the truth from the public. There currently is a bill sponsored by a Florida rep that would require “proof” of NBC before taking office.

    As far as Hawaiian officials being expelled I am not sure what you mean. They do not have anything to do with the issue. The blame, if you will, lies with the DNC and the candidate at the time.