Turban Tale Sparks Campaign

Gaurav Singh, “a proud turban-wearing Sikh” says he was looking forward to a fun night on the town with friends on the weekend but was refused entry to a Richmond Hill restaurant (in Toronto) because of his religious headgear. Singh’s friends posted a letter detailing the incident on Facebook which inadvertently launched an international campaign of support with hundreds of online responses from places as faraway as India, England and the United States. Singh wrote to the restaurant: “What occurred… was something I have never experienced in my 25 years in North America. I have traveled across the globe and I am sad to admit that the only location I have ever received such treatment was the county where I am a proud citizen of.” Neither Mr. Singh nor the Toronto Star received responses from the restaurant to their inquiries.
Information from The Toronto Star

I wonder if the restaurant bars religious Jews or a Cardinal of the Catholic Church who sometimes wears headgear. I am still befuddled at why people get so upset at what is on the top of our heads.