Turkish Citizens Apologize To Armenians

A group of Turkish intellectuals have decided it is time for the people of their nation to apologize for the tragic events of 1915 when hundreds of thousands of Armenians were killed by orders of the government of the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish group is asking other people to sign the petition which reads as follows: “I cannot conscientiously accept the indifference to the great disaster that Ottoman Armenians suffered in 1915 and its denial. I reject the injustice and acting of my own will, I share the feelings and pains of my Armenian brothers and sisters, and I apologize to them.” The initial effort is asking intellectuals to sign the petition before posting it for others to sign. The emphasis in the petition is for individuals to apologize rather than make it a government apology.

Armenian leaders welcomed the petition, but believe the wording is not clear. As Ayetkin Yidiz, of the Confrontation Association pointed out, “It’s a good starting point, but not enough. Firstly, what do they mean by ‘great disaster.’ Let’s name it, it is genocide. secondly, the state has to apologize.” The Armenian reaction is well stated. At some point, the Turkish nation has to make a public apology as did the German government for the Holocaust. Secondly, the Turkish government must then initiate in education an Armenian Genocide curriculum so future generations will finally know the truth.