Turkish Official Warns Of Anti-Muslim Feeling In Europe

Turkish Ambassador Omur Orhun who represents his nation at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe warned against the rise of anti-Muslim feeling in Europe. He believes European politicians are using the Muslim issue to obtain votes and stir up hatred toward those of the Muslim religion. He cited a recent comment by right wing Dutch politician Geortg Wilders who threatened to introduce legislation that would ban the Koran in the Netherlands. Although, Wilders was attacked by most Dutch political leaders, he represents the fringe element that will resort to any strategy in order to engender hatred toward Muslims.

Orhun cited the example of Denmark which has a small Muslim community, that, for the most part is well integrated into the nation’s culture. However, there is a strong under current which attempts to portray the Muslim community as foreign and not seeking to integrate. This may well be an issue that is present in other European societies.