Uganda Madness Backed By Leader

Yoweri Musaveni is leader of Uganda and has in the past been regarded as someone who could become an effective political leader in Africa. However, he is a Christian and has been taught that as a Christian he must uphold the principle that men date women and women marry men. It says so in the Bible. He was recently blasted by President Obama for supporting anti-homosexuality legislation that recently was passed in the legislature. Musevni said that he initially was opposed to making criminals of those who are homosexual. “I thought it was wrong to punish somebody on account of being born abnormal in the same way why not punish albinos.”(Many Africans regard albinos as bewitched and to be feared). However, he decided to check with “scientists.” And, what did these “scientists”conclude?

It was their “unanimous conclusion that homosexuality, contrary to my earlier thinking, was behavior not genetic.” Museveni would like American and African scientists to meet so that American scientists can learn about the origin of homosexuality. For some strange reason, despite the billions we spend on scientific research, they believe homosexuality is natural.

I gather Ted Cruz is heading to Uganda to round up more information that he can bring back to Texas and really handle those gays and lesbians!