Ukraine– What’s In A Name?

The European Union declared yesterday it regards the Ukraine as a European nation which is a clear expression of support for the entry of that country into the EU. President Sarkozy, who currently leads the EU, said, “we say solemnly that Ukraine is a European country that shares a common history and values with European Union countries. It’s the first time that the European Union has expressed itself so clearly about Ukraine’s European role.”At the same time, EU leaders urge avoiding a new Cold War and acting in a calm manner.

There is no question the Ukraine is a European country, but it also has been part of Russia for hundreds of years which certainly gives it a Russian flavor. A key issue is the attempt by the European Union and the United States to revive the Cold War, not to avoid it from once again cropping up. The provocative establishment of missile bases on the border of Russia is certainly not an example of avoiding confrontation and conflict. Why are there missile bases in Poland? Please, let’s not hear the Bush rhetoric they are in place to guard against Iranian or North Korean missiles. Why would those nations be directing missiles at Europe?