Ukraine’s Future!

Chaos is spreading in eastern Ukraine and the Russian inspired thugs or, the Russians pretending to be Ukrainians, are slowly, but surely gaining further control large areas in eastern Ukraine. Putin will shortly demand that Ukraine pay up its gas bill, the EU or the US, will send a few billion to stem off creditors. Eventually, a few people will wind up dead due to someone firing weapons, and then President Putin will appear on television with tears flowing down his face in order to announce that in the name of peace and humanity, he MUST dispatch members of the Russian army into eastern Ukraine in order to prevent bloodshed. It is a 100% guarantee the CIA will be blamed for any deaths. President Obama will also appear on television in order to denounce anything said by Putin. There will be meetings, there will be protests, there will be a few more deaths.

Eventually, the Russians will arm the necessary number of thugs and goons who will have an opportunity to play at being a soldier. OH, a few innocent people will die. More meetings, more statements by Russia and the US and the EU and the UN. In the end, there will be something that is termed a “referendum” and guess who will win that “referendum?”

So, relax, have a cup of coffee. There is NO news from the Ukraine. However, there are lots and lots of statements and threats.