Up The Rebels!!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a war in the United States of America. It turns out some American folk enjoyed living in a society in which there were slaves and there were kind wonderful masters who spent their days caring for these backward folk. Eventually, those who owned slaves and did not want to end a society in which there could be slaves were forced into war and defeated. There is a Veterans Hospital in Hot Springs, South Dakota which flies the Confederate flag even though there are black veterans in the facility. Director Steve DiStasio said the flags are a “reflection of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for America.”

Craig DeMouchette, a veteran of Desert Storm in Iraq objected to the display. As he noted, “these flags belong in a museum, not an active government building that treats veterans, some of them African-American.” He was told that he could leave the treatment  program for PTSD two weeks earlier and receive full credit. Duh!

I think we should consider flying Nazi flags, after all they were our enemy and  the purpose of veteran programs is to  honor those against whom we fought!