US Spies On Friends

Reports from Sweden indicate American spies were involved in surveillance of people in Sweden without securing permission from the government. Hans Jergen Bonnchsen, former national commissioner of the Danish police told the media that most probably the United States has not only been checking out people in Sweden but also in Denmark. It is apparent the US Embassy in Oslo, Norway has been monitoring Norwegians who someone in the CIA or Homeland Security regards as a risk to the safety of the United States. These days that can mean anything from wearing the wrong bra while boarding a plane to having smoke come from your shoes. The SEcurity Incident Management Analysis System makes notes of all “suspicious activities” within the vicinity of any American installation and once in the system, you is in the system for life.

We can only assume there are spies who hang around embassies taking pictures or bumping into American diplomats or simply just looking. After all, what is more suspicious than standing on the corner gazing toward an American Embassy?