US Surge Begins In Afghanistan

The American surge led by new forces stationed in Afghanistan has begun to attack Taliban forces. Close to 3,000 new troops are in action in areas around the capital of Kabul in order to restore the ability of the government to conduct its business without interference from militants. Taliban insurgents have fired on the troops placed roadside bombs but so far there have been few casualties. Col. David Haight believes that many Afghans are serving with the Taliban because they receive pay rather than based on ideological factors. On the other hand, Governor Atiqullah Ludin argues “there is a gap between the people and the government” and lack of economic opportunities has led to the growth in militancy.

A common complaint by honest Afghan officials is that all too often American and coalition forces act on the basis of incorrect information which enables an individual to take revenge against an enemy. A major problem is that innocent civilians get killed during military operations. That factor might be more important than needing a job.