US Tells Netanyahu To Speak Honestly On Sunday

Even before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened his mouth on Sunday for his expected speech on the future of Israel and Palestinian leaders, the Obama administration said what he intends to say is not sufficient in terms of moving the Middle East towards peace. Netanyahu supposedly told envoy George Mitchell that he would not be able to express the ideas desired by Obama about moving quickly to work with Palestinians about establishing an independent state. He refuses to halt further housing on the West Bank and he refuses to accept the concept of an independent Palestine. Netanyahu is caught in the trap of having created a government in which right wing fanatics hold important positions. If he accepts the American position it might lead to the collapse of his government.

There are moments in history when a leader has to speak the truth to his nation. There are moments in history when a leader has to be prepared to lose power if the end result is saving his nation from disaster. This is one of those moments for Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Anonymous

    How can creating another Gaza disaster save Israel?! What people are thinking about? Do they really care about Israel?

  • Fred Stopsky

    Fortunately, there are people in the world who care about Israel. Israel can achieve peace and become an economic leader in the Middle East.