Valleys Of Indecision

There are thousands of American troops scattered across Afghanistan where they man outposts in desolate areas of the country. They supposedly are early warning places of operation as well as having the task of training Afghan forces to assume responsibility for these difficult positions. In effect, American troops are isolated from main forces, they are out in the open since it is difficult knowing who is for or against the presence of these foreigners. Sgt. Lawrence Teza recalls being at such an outpost when the door blew open and shrapnel flew into the room hitting his body wounded and in pain. His commanding officer, Captain Kalaher simply noted; “we’ve had a lot of guys hurt, but we have a tough area of operations.” His main responsibility is training Afghan troops so the Americans can leave.

The issue is not “should” American troops leave Afghanistan, but “when” will they leave. Placing our armed forces in these remote outposts is simply asking for men to be killed or wounded. It is time for Afghan troops to step up and assume responsibility. The waiting time is over.