Violence Continues In Darfur

The government of the Sudan insists that peace and harmony are its goals in Darfur, but for some reason this belief is not being communicated to their militia in the region. Rebel commanders in Darfur have accused Arab militias of attacking villages in the southern part of the region and killing civilians and burning villages. The accusations come on top of ongoing complaints about violence in northern parts of Darfur which have forced thousands to flee their homes. The UN led peacekeeping operation in Darfur confirmed there was fighting in the region. According to Major Ahmed Salah, “I can confirm fighting but between whom and whom has not been confirmed.” However, he did note that his troops were halted by Arab militias.

A member of the Sudan Liberation Movement said his forces had encountered the Janjaweed who are Arab mercenaries hired by the Sudan government to pillage, rape, and burn in Darfur. A Sudan army spokesman said he could not confirm if his soldiers were operating in the region, but they were securing roads in the area. One can only conclude the Sudan government continues its lies and deceit about the genocide that is happening in Darfur.