VP Is Very VIP

Mitt Romney has to select someone to be his vice presidential buddy for the upcoming election against Barack and Joe. In a spirit of bipartisan feeling, we offer Mitt advice on selecting the vice president candidate:

1. Herman Cain would make you look profound and intelligent, why not select the con man par excellence?

2. Sarah and Michele are somewhat peeved at you. Select either and carry the bear and deer vote by overwhelming numbers. And, Michele and hubby are great dancers for get togethers on the campaign trail.

3.  How about Eric Cantor, the Jewboy who loves Israel? You are certain to sweep the ultra Orthodox vote!

4.  Then again, there is always John Thune who  is known inside South Dakota, but unknown elsewhere.This definitely guarantees South Dakota. Even better, a guy like John makes you come across as daring and full of vim and vigor.

5. How about John Ryan, then you can guarantee a team united on cutting taxes for wealthy folk and raising them for the others. Gobs of money will enter your bank account.