Waltons Vs America

The other night, President Obama looked like a deer caught in the lights of a passing car. He allowed Mitt Romney to spout nonsense about his concern for jobs and Americans. The six heirs to the Walmart fortune have $70 billion which is equal to what about 30% of Americans possess. American society has become divided by wealth and  those with wealth can buy their  freedom from arrest-how many  millionaires are in jail for a drug offense-and they now want to buy the presidency.

The issue of today is possession by 5% of  vast amounts of  money as contrasted to the other 47%. Obama has to come out slugging and pound away at the reality of a divided society. Those with money can pay the freight of an expensive college education for their children. They can use contacts to ensure their kids get good jobs. Sorry Mitt, those famous, “12 million jobs” are really jobs paying low wages.

The reality is that a small group will always get the good jobs. We have to end redistribution of wealth from the middle class and poor people to the wealthy and turn this equation around!