Want A Job? Don’t Quit Army!

The Republican party is firmly convinced if America would cut taxes on the wealthy, fire thousands of government employees, and go to church on Sunday there will be jobs for all. Of course, we have the lowest tax rates in over seventy years, but our poor wealthy folk are STILL be required to pay some taxes. How can they get motivated to create jobs if they have to pay the lowest taxes in 70 years?

Those leaving the armed forces are now encountering a terrible time securing work. Members of the National Guard were forced to leave their jobs and go off for a few years. For some strange reason,former employers are not jumping for joy then they return and seek their former job.  Andy Lucindo left the service and began an MBA program. “I thought just as a military officer, an Army officer(captain) with mulitple tours under my belt,  that some of these firms would just be itching to get me in the door. That just wasn’t the case.”

I have a hunch that Mr. Lucindo did not pray hard enough in church and that is  why he encounters such difficult securing a good job. Of course, there is always returning to the military as an option. OOps, I forgot, they are going to reduce the size of the military!