War Against Iranian Women

The mother of Shira Nazar was able to see her daughter for a few moments in an Iranian court before being told to leave. Neither the defendant nor her family was informed prior to arriving at the court what were the charges she confronted. Ms. Nazar was informed she was guilty of “muharebeh,” or, “emnity against God” which is punishable by a sentence up to death. The Iranian government has been intensifying their campaign against women who were so open in the 2009 presidential election of President Ahmadinejad. Dozens of women have been arrested because of their manner of dress, the way they comb their hair, but, particularly due to being vocal in their demands for an open society. What is most shocking is the physical brutality displayed against women whose only crime is talk.

The once hopeful Iranian overthrow of the Shah promised a new era of women rights. Reality is the clerics will never willingly give women their right to personal dignity.