Warfare On Welfare

The United States currently has an unemployed figure of at least 8% and at least another 85 who simply have given up seeking a job since few area available. Years ago when jobs were more plentiful, Republicans decried the single mother who was attempting to raise children because she was not out working. Of course, they also blasted this woman for not staying home to care for her children. President Obama, in response to requests from five governors, including two Republicans, allowed them  waivers to experiment with new approaches to welfare. OH, there was one proviso, their experiments had to result in 20% more welfare recipients getting jobs.

Mitt Romney blasted Obama for “gutting” work requirements and thus ending efforts to reduce  work requirements. I always though Republicans wanted more state rights. So, if the president gives states more rights, then Republicans want the federal government to deny them these rights.

Do you ever get the sense Mitt Romney lives in fantasy land?