We Explain The Iraq Crisis –Simply

I repeatedly have been asked to clarify the current situation in the Middle East. So, here goes:

1. In 2003, the bad guys were led by the bad Sunni Iraq leader,Saddam Hussein. So, President Bush got rid of him.
2. Then the good Shiites got control of Iraq and proceeded to punish the bad Sunni Iraqis.
3. This caused al-Qaeda to come into Iraq so the good Americans armed the good Sunnis who organized Awakening Councils to beat the bad Sunni al-Qaeda.
4. Once the bad al-Qaeda were beaten back, the Shiite Prime Minister Nouri Maliki began to persecute the good Sunni Awakening Council folk.
5. This led to the good Sunnis becoming the bad Sunnis.
6. Meanwhile back in Syria the bad Sunni leader Assad began to attack anyone who opposed him. This created a civil war.
7. During this civil war, good Sunni folk arrived to fight bad Sunni Assad.
8. The good Sunni folk who fought Assad decided why not head for Iraq and fight the bad Shiite PM Maliki.
9. Now the bad Sunni are fighting against the old good Shiites who have become the bad Shiites which has led the bad Iranians to come to the aid of the good, or bad, Shiites.
10. Now the bad Sunni Assad has sent planes to attack the bad ISIS who are bad Sunnis.

We offer prizes to anyone who can pass a test on this situation.