We Love Russia, We Love Putin!

There are many people in Mother Russia and in the country of Ukraine who love their beloved Mother, and, in particular, they simply adore the bare chested Father who rules over everyone with a stern fist and a voice that thunders for action against all enemies. Groups of Ukrainian separatists seized control of buildings in several cities and demanded that Russian troops come to their aid and restore them to their former masters who murdered at least three millions Ukrainians when dad’s name was Joseph Stalin. The Ukrianian government and prime minister denounced this bit of drama as simply an act by Russian agents to destabilize their nation as a pretext for the entry of Russian troops whose noble act would be to prevent the death of separatists who defied the law.

John Kerry contacted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov only to be informed that Russia is concerned about the safety of Russian citizens in the Ukraine. Of course, the “Russian citizens” are Ukrainians, not Russians. I assume the government of Mexico will dispatch troops to the United States of America in order to protect its citizens!