Week Of Intolerance Draws To Close

We are just concluding a week of intolerance that was proclaimed by the Bulgarian National Union(BNU) a right wing bigoted anti-gay organization which urged Bulgarians to come out in force for the June 28th gay parade and do their best to be intolerant. The BNU website advertised, “be intolerant, be normal.” The extremist organization believes its nation since getting involved with things like the European Union has brought about “misery, poverty, and epidemic-high levels of homosexuality.” Gay groups during the parade did their best not to be intolerant and hoped that behaving in a civilized manner to those with whom one has disagreements is a more normal behavior than acting intolerant.

One must admit the BNU has a unique approach to getting across its views of hate. We hope the people of Bulgaria are normally tolerant and will accept gays within their midst. We believe it is abnormal to be normally intolerant.