Welcome But Don’t Come Back!

Stella Harville was born and raised in the great state of Tennessee. She attended the  Guinare Free Will  Baptist Church along with her family and considers herself to be a devout Christian. She went off to college in Indiana, met a young man from Africa, fell in love and  brought him home to meet her family and members of her community. Ticha Chikuni is a Christian, he went to the church,  participated in services and even sung with the choir. Alas, all is not well with some members of the church which is based on the ideas of Jesus Christ.

Their was a vote about allowing an interracial couple to be part of the congregation and most voted to ban interracial couples from their membership.  According to Melvin Thompson, “I am not a racist.  I will tell you that. I am not prejudiced against any race of people, have never in my life spoken evil against a race.”  He just doesn’t want anyone with a black skin to  be in his congregation.

Dean Harville is furious at this insult to his daughter.  Stella is angry at this insult to her fiancee. The Free Will Baptist organization of Tennessee is angry. The bottom line is Jesus Christ is not welcome in this congregation. After all, Jesus was a Jew and we all know that Jews spent hundred of years in Africa.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against  Free Will Baptists, I just don’t want my daughter going to their services.  Of course, she is Jewish. And, Free Will Baptists don’t want Jews. I assume that applies to Jesus.