Wendy’s Goes Chicken!

Jim Furman owns a  major Wendy’s franchise in the Carolinas and is proud to align his fast food enterprise with that of Chick-Fil-A in the fight to preserve the American family. He now boasts of his intention to:  WE STAND WTIH CHICK-FIL-A.  I suspect he is right. He stands with the chicken and both establishments want to ensure all get obese eating their food. Of course, they do not seek any business from people of the same sex persuasion.
Wendy national headquarters distanced itself from Jim by noting, “this is one independent franchisee’s opinion.” Wendy’s wants the American people to know that Wendy can marry another Wendy. Wendy is more than happy to serve those of the same sex persuasion. I am thrilled to know when eating at Wendy’s  I might be in the company of gay people. I would rather eat in the presence of those who are happy than those who are angry and filled with hate.