What Can Obama Do?

It is now lear that Democrats are headed to a disaster in the fall of this year due to the inept political leadership of President Barack Obama. He has never grasped that a President is also a politician in a democracy. A President may control the Executive, but there is also the Legislature and the Judiciary. Drawing upon what great American Presidents did, let us offer some suggestions to the President.

1. Weekly press conferences in which he hammers away at key points. A Press Conference means that for that day the entire media focuses on what the President is thinking.

2. Challenge the Republican Party to Debates. Begin with the issue of how the top 5% own 44% of the wealth. Do the debates live on national TV.

3. Use his great fund raising structure to raise money for Democrat candidates this fall. BEGIN Now!

4. Send to every American a brochure which explains -in clear terms– the Affordable Care Act. This should have been done two years ago.

5. Hold a Fireside Chat each month. Select one topic and explain it in CLEAR TERMS to the American people.