What Happened At Wanat, Afghanistan?

It was a typical summer day on July 13, 2008 in a remote valley in Afghanistan when a body of American soldiers were ambushed by Taliban militants and in the resulting clash, nine US soldiers died and 27 were wounded. Army units were stationed in a small remote combat outpost near the village of Wanat when over 200 Taliban fighters swarmed over their position. This was the deadliest attack on US forces since the beginning of the Afghanistan war. Family members of those killed have enlisted the support of Senator Jim Webb to get at the truth. Why were the men in such a remote area? What was their mission? Who ordered the mission?

Reality is all too often American troops are in isolated areas of Afghanistan which calls into question the mission of our presence in that country. Is the goal protecting all areas of Afghanistan? Is the goal securing specific areas? Until these questions are answered it is difficult explaining our presence and our goals in Afghanistan.