What Now In Libya?

It is becoming increasingly clear in Libya that a stalemate has been reached. Gaddafi has sufficient armed force to prevent rebels from sweeping in from the east in order to conquer his western bastion. It also appears his armed force can not proceed to eastern regions such as Benghazi due to NATO planes. England and France are taking to lead in blasting away at Gaddafi while Italy and Germany trail behind due to their economic interests in that country. UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon warns that up to half of the Libyan population may require humanitarian aid since the war has halted normal economic activities. British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, expressed the frustration of France and his nation by complaining that few Arab nations are doing very much in the war.

We believe there are other steps that have yet to be considered such as offering Muammar Gaddafi his choice of beautiful young women if he would step down and head for some nice resort like Monte Carlo. He is a man who likes women, one wonders if we could uncover enough gorgeous gals that would persuade him to vacate Libya for a more interesting climate.