Where Does Europe End?

Many European political leaders who oppose Turkey’s entry into the European Union argue that Europe ends at the border of Turkey. They forget Asia Minor was the source of great Christian thinkers who laid the foundation for much of European thoughts. “The prevailing notion of Europe and European identify is based mainly on political criteria that also accommodate important geographical, religious, cultural and historical parameters. So there is de Gualle’s vision of Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals, the Crusaders’ idea of a Catholic Europe, the Christian Europe of the Holly Alliance, Hitler’s New Europe, the New Europe of the enlargement-planners in Brussels. Likewise, there is Rumsfeld’s old Europe and the Charlemagne-inspired Europe of Jean Baptiste Duroselle. Europe’s borders, particularly to the east, were never clear.”
Information from Kathimerini, Greece

In the coming five years, the European Union will have to decide the meaning of “Europe” in deciding whether to accept or reject the Turkish candidacy. In making that decision, Europe will either be igniting cultural conflict or taking the first step in creating harmony between competing groups.