Where Have You Gone, George Bush?

I never thought my mind would seek a return of George Bush to a position of power, but after listening to the mad men and women who currently are in the House of Representatives, who else but our beloved George can we turn to in this hour of need? Senator John McCain refers to the loonies from the Tea Party as “hobbits” because their minds are trapped in a time warp in which the cavalry will ride to our rescue as we defeat the Injuns who are encircling the wagon train. At least, George regarded himself as a “compassionate conservative” even though his adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq were hardly compassionate to those who died or were wounded.

These nut cases only have compassion for the poor men and women who are forced to sleep in penthouses on Park Avenue. Their concept of “poverty” is the Wall Street banker who has been reduced by the burden of taxation to ONLY earn about $5 Billion a year instead of his normal $10 Billion. OK, so George, how about leaving the ranch in Texas and riding to the rescue of the Republican party. You could begin by apologizing for creating the financial disaster and placing blame on the heads of those in the Republican party.

George, the nation’s eyes turn towards you. We await your return to leading the party of the wealthy.