Who Fired The Shots In Kiev?

I write as one with special feelings about events in the Ukraine because my father was born in that city and spent his youth in the Ukraine. Actually, it was a troubled youth because Jews lacked most rights as humans in the old Ukraine. It was a center of anti-Semitism and violence toward Jews. I have always supported the fight for freedom by modern Ukrainians because this is a new generation and one seeking democracy. Arsen Avakov, the current Minister of the Interior of Ukraine charged that representatives from the Russian FSB conferred with members of the government when former President Yanukovych still ran the place. Avakov charges that Russian agents provided weapons and explosives that were used against those protesting. He believes the snipers who killed many came from this group of people linked to the Russian connection.

In Putinland, Russians are always the victims of Western evil forces who insist on forcing upon the people of Russia such horrid ideas as free elections and rights for people to gather together without permission of the police. Thus, for a Russian cop, the only proper procedure when people protest is to respond with a protest featuring guns blasting away.