Who Is A Self-Hating Jew?

Richard Falk, former Princeton University professor, and now UN special rapporteur for Palestinian territories continually is charged with being a “self hating Jew” because of his stand in defense of Palestinian rights. I have also encountered this charge of being a “self hating Jew” due to my defense of Palestinian rights or the rights of any oppressed people. I find the comment ironic. Historically, to be a Jew was to be someone who stood up for human rights. To be a Jew was to take a stand against fascism and totalitarian dictators. I was raised in an East European Socialist neighborhood in which we were expected, BECAUSE WE WERE JEWS to defend the rights of Negroes and Puerto Ricans who were being brutalized by society. The “self hating Jews” of my youth were wealthy Jews who ignored the plight of those being persecuted because they wanted to fit into the power structure of a White Anglo Saxon Protestant(WASP) society!

People like Richard Falk ARE Jews. Their detractors who support brutality and hatred are “SELF HATING JEWS!” If a single Palestinian, if a single Jew is confronting hatred and discrimination then it is my responsibility AS A JEW to defend their rights. The self hating Jews are those in charge of the Israel government. They wouldn’t know what a real Jew was like if they met one!