Who Is In Charge?

A group of fundamentalist Muslim parents gained control over the committee which governs a day care center in Copenhagen. Two staff members quit after being told that children would not be allowed to sing or dance and that a strict Muslim dress code for children would be enforced. At a trip to the zoo during Christmas the children were given Santa Claus hats to wear, but the parents cut up the hats or threw them away.

The city of Copenhagen has taken control of the day care center and made it clear to parents that the city is in charge and they will have to abide by its procedures in the day care center. Anyone who has ever taught school knows the good and bad resulting from parent control. There is always a group that wishes to censor books or what is taught. The city of Copenhagen is absolutely correct in making clear to parents they do not run schools. And, by the way, as a nice Jewish boy who sang Christmas songs, if we encourage children to sing songs and learn customs of other cultures, why not sing a song or wear a Santa Claus hat?