Who Is Real Hillary Clinton?

It is time for our monthly report on who is the real Hillary Clinton? I have spent the past month listening, watching and reading reports from Republicans as to who is the “real” Hillary Clinton. We have decided to present the latest summary of Clinton questions and insights:

1. She has brain damage. Just ask Rush Limbaugh or Fox News cute pert blond girls for confirmation.

2. She is a bad feminist-she supported her husband about Monica Lewinsky.

3. She is a secret Muslim agent, why else did she hired Muslim Human Abedin for a job in the State Department?

4. She ordered her daughter to become pregnant so that Hillary could pose as a grandmother. Why else would Chelsea be pregnant?

5. She is too old, or at least, she is close to the age of St. Ronald Reagan.

6. BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI and add a few dozen Benghazis.

7. She faked a blood clot in order to avoid testifying about -BENGHAZI!

8. Rush told us all about her plan to get a mentally ill woman to throw a shoe at her while giving a speech in Las Vegas. It is still unclear if that woman was Monica Lewinsky.

9. She is responsible for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, remember, she voted for it!

10. If you have nothing else to do today, just add a few more.