Who Is Responsible For Osama Being Alive, Not Dead?

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is angry, he is angry there are terrorists, he is angry that Osama bin Laden is still alive and healthy somewhere in Pakistan or Afghanistan or some place in the world. The British prime minister blasted the government of Pakistan for allowing the noted terrorist to remain alive and still active in his terrorist activities. Of course, his anger may have some justification when Brown claims Pakistan is not doing enough in the war against terrorism, but to blame the Pakistanis for the continued life of Osama appears a bit of a stretch. Stop me if I am wrong, Gordon, but didn’t American forces have Osama bin Laden trapped in the mountains of Afghanistan when Tony Blair’s good buddy, George Bush said they should leave him alone and go after the real cuplprit–Saddamn Hussein?

Osama bin Laden is alive today because former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his buddy George Bush refused to order the necessary action to get him captured! Blame Pakistan for many evils, but it is Bush and Blair who deserve credit for him still being alive and active!