Who Wants War?

I have a hunch there are moments in life whn Mitt Romney heads to church to offer a prayer that he did not win the recent presidential election. Of course, I suspect that Rudy Giuliani wishes that he had become president so the world would know there was a tough guy in the White House who is ready to press any or all buttons leading to death and destruction for the United States or the entire world. Barack Obama admitted yesterday the fight for war was an uphill trail and he might not reach the summit in time to press a few buttons that send missiles headed for Syria.He admitted to the media that, I am not going to play parlor games about whether of not it’s(war resolution) is going to pass.” What happens if Congress says, “NO” to the future of war?

Barack Obama has never grasped the importance of leadership. That means alerting and educating Americans concerning issues of war and peace. This approach requires honesty and not pulling punches. Obama is not comfortable in the role of not being the supreme center of wisdom. He wants to call the shots. Unfortunately, edcated men of the Obama genertion never went to war, never understood the meaning of what actually is war nor did he ever grasp the problem in conducting a war over a long time period.