Why Am I Here??

Let’s see, I was making dinner, no, I think I went to see the latest Batman flick. It was kind of dark, I heard some noise. Boy, my tummy hurts, but then again, who wouldn’t have a tummy ache with the slop they serve for food in this place. Strange, for some reason, I am in a prison and people  don’t seem to like me. The guard mumbled something about a shooting and he claimed I had something to do with it.

I’m confused, it was dark, I just finished supper, and then things get sort of murky in my mind. I was tired, after all, accumulating 6,000 rounds of ammo and AK-47   automatic weapons can really wear a guy down. They say I shot people. How could I shoot anyone, I was just getting all the guns and ammo for—? Got me.

Such are the ramblings of James Holmes.