Wikileaks Leaks Silliness

The ongoing saga of Julian Assange and Wikileaks continues with each side issuing blasts of pomposity in order to justify their actions. As a result of Wikileaks the world had an opportunity to read the private thoughts of American diplomats in which they discussed Iraq of Afghanistan and other such topics. Eventually, historians will examine these documents and write books or articles dealing with issues raised in these great insights into the world of war and  politics. President Obama is determined to make an example of Assange and have him placed on trial and, most probably, sent to  jail for X number of years. Apparently, the issue is that those alive today can not read what our diplomats said, but if we wait a few years, we can.

Assange is in the Embassy of Ecuador which refuses to allow him to be extradited to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault. Ecuador simply wants a guarantee that Assange will not be extradited to the USA. Extradite him to Sweden, let him face sex charges and then allow the Swedish legal system to do its job.

We don’t need examples of people who reveal secrets. Now, if we want to punish someone, how about George Bush who caused the death of thousands!