Will I Go To Jail If I Write The Word, Allah?

There is poverty, violence, death and destruction in the world, but to the government of Malaysia, the most important issue on this planet is not global warming, but allowing Christians the right to use the word Allah to refer to God. A Malaysian court ruled Christians had such a right and this has resulted in the prime minister and members of the legislature to rally round Allah. Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad commented: “what I am afraid of is that the term ‘Allah’ might be used in such a way that could inflame the anger of Muslims if (non-Muslims) were to use it on banners or write something that might not reflect Islam.” Huh?

It is strange how Muslims become aroused at the use of a word by non-believers even while their newspapers and magazines express violent hatred toward Jews and Christians. If it was a crime for Muslims to refer to “Jews” in other than respectful ways, a large percent of Muslims in some Muslin nations would spend their time in jail. This incident is all-ah storm in a teacup about nothing.