You Can Only Say Christ Once

A Cairo Administrative Court ruled the Ministry of Interior is not obliged to issue new identify documents for 45 Coptic Christians who converted to Islam and then decided to return to their original Christian faith. Many Copts blasted the ruling as discriminatory and a violation of basic humans rights and freedom of religion.

A majority of Islamic scholars say there is no compulsion in religion under Islamic Sharia law. They point to a 2006 Administrative Court ruling which allowed two young Coptic women whose father converted to Islam to retain their Christian identity. Anba Daniel, a bishop of the Coptic church told Al-Ahram that most Coptics who convert to Islam may be seeking to marry a Muslim woman or to resolve personal situations. The Coptic Church rarely grants divorce and allows divorcees to remarry only under very strict conditions. He deplored the judge “using his own interpretation of Sharia, essentially branding those reverting to their original faith as apostates –something which may constitute a threat to their lives.”
Information from Al-Ahram

It increasingly fascinates me how right wing religious conservatives in America continue supporting George Bush’s Middle Eastern policies. Prior to the Iraq invasion there were over 800,000 Christians living in peace with their neighbors, but due to American initiated violence a majority have left, and it appears the remainder will shortly follow. Christians are dying in the Sudan and Coptic Christians face discriminatory laws from our dear friend in the fight for democracy – President Mubarak. Thanks to conservative religious American friends, Middle Eastern Christians will shortly have disappeared from the Moslem world.