You’re Five, Act Like An Adult!

She is a five year old girl in her first day in kindergarten. She was somewhat scared since they moved her from a prior  school to this new one. Another girl in another school was also in her first day in kindergarten and rather frightened. I do understand this feeling since on my first day in kindergarten I cried and cried. But, that was ikn 1935 when for some strange reason, the teacher gave me a hug, chatted with me for a few  minutes and off I went to a solid school career.

Alas, we are in 2012 and living under the mantle of No Child Left Behind. The two girls were  given “psychiatric suspensions, and ordered to see a psychiatrist.
Their mothers said the girls were frightened at being in a new school. What has happened to American education? We live in the world of bureaucrats who rely on experts instead of  hugs.